21 questions

Posted: December 23, 2010 in confusion, destiny, lonliness, love, me, rant

1. does love exist?

2. can you take someone’s breath away

3. is fidelity a “real” thing

4. can you love it if i like it

5. am i pretty

6. do you REMEMBER

7. do you like kids

8. will you hold me

9. are you hungry

10. am i smart

11. am i funny

12. what colour are my eyes

13.  wanna rassle

14. who do i love most

15. what do i smell like

16. who did i love most BEFORE

17. wanna make out

18. what was the BEST thing that happened to you today

19. how am i doing

20. am i hokey for liking rap

21. who ARE you?!?! a guy that disappears after 2 months?!?! and fake fucked me into thinking i could possibly want or accept love?!?! fuck you. i was loved today. im guessing HE loves me…its so so so obvious. (shhhhh i think i love him too….damn) i showed him my cat…dwight. i showed him my socks. he laid in my bed. he is awesome. sucks i cant just be like “LOOK! HOLD ME! I THINK I LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU! YOURE A GREAT FRIEND. I THINK I FOUND IT….*insert rejection….shuffles feet…mumbles sweet nothings and hurts wondering why “he wont”*

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