Day 6

Posted: December 23, 2010 in clarity, facebook, me

So odd to see the reduction in my facebook usage. This was a great idea. My productivity may not have greatly increased, but I feel more human. I’m now utilizing it as I believe is appropriate: in moderation.

Today I woke up at 10am. I proceeded to shower and get semi-girly. My friend Ben took me to lunch and gifted me 5x over. It was a nice afternoon. I REALLY NICE afternoon. My evening has been spent watching movies, eating steak, drinking wine and rum. (thanks BEN<3)

Anxiety, as a whole, is down. I’m not more engaged in my life per se, but I dont feel as empty as I did. Obsessing over facebook for 8 hours a day was in no way healthy. I could liken it to an addiction of sorts. It was all too consuming. Stalker status was definitely met, and I’m not cool with that!

I have a little peace in my life thanks to re-finding  other activities that I enjoy to occupy me: movies, reading, writing, and just spending quiet alone time…a little less of a lonely soul at a keyboard.

  1. Woo says:

    Like a facebookless boss!

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