Posted: January 2, 2011 in facebook, facts, me, rant

though i often feel that i enjoy my time on them, social networks are kind of the scourage or blemish on the face of humanity. im bombarded by a lot of information that im probably better off NOT knowing. its basically STALKING ABOVE THE LAW. its almost a civilian version of TMZ or other media whoring devices, if you will. somethings are way too personal, none of my business, very extraneous and sometimes emotionally painful to me. there were times id spend 2 hrs going back 3 years on somebodys shit. seriously?!?!

the upside is getting to stay in touch with the people who may be too far or busy to get together often. but if our relationships were that important, couldnt they call? or email? or god forbid write a letter? i think if its a solid and true relationship, interaction outside of social networks is pertinent.

i found that being “friends” with somebody you “date” isnt the best idea either. its lack of tone and context can be very confusing. girls are natural stalkers so i dont need it to be made so easy and effortless. true stalking skirts the law as opposed to being “legal”. what fun is that? NONE!

since my week break from facebook, ive found myself utilizing it differently, less and more functionally. i keep in touch with the people im writing with and the people i exchange music with. i just dont feel like throwing myself at its mercy anymore. and i dont need to spend 3 hrs everyday going back in the feed to see whos kid walked, who has cramps, what a dick boyfriend did now, how wasted you were etc…

or do i?!?! i mean its totally legal and we must mutually desire a “friendship”. so until they have a true tracker, which they never will…try proving that anything i just said was true (:


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