from generation to generation

Posted: January 6, 2011 in love, me

We grow up all fucked up. Daddy issues are imminent…and siblings just make it a hostage situation. we are the oldest for a reason…and we love the people we wanted to kill. is that wrong? they steal your attention…and then you wake up. then we chicken out on loving them.

but ask me about my brother…CHALLENGE HIM!

reasons i love him:

he painted my nails

he will be good..

he said babies are my forte

but i ask my 4 yr old niece:

do u know?!?!

i made her memorize this:

me: do you know who my favorite person USED to be?

azzy: papa?

me: yes! who is my favorite person now?

azzy: ME?!?!?!

me: YES! but then that kinda makes papa my favorite still because he gave you to me ❤


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