reflections of my greatest love

Posted: January 10, 2011 in alone, brother, confusion, destiny, facts, hope, lonliness, love

on nye my brother was funny.

he is the funniest man alive.

i miss that!

my ex even burned me by agreeing to what i know to be true.

that fucker is funny!

funnier than i could ever be!

i will never love anyone  more than my brother.

and i will never be funnier ❤

he is beautiful.

he is smarter than you know.

he will always be closest to me.

he gives me the best babies.

i am going to shut up about how much i love my brother.

as i go on…

how i love him so.

how he knows when im down.

how he makes me know im loved.

he loves me.

he is my hero.

he is why i live.

he makes me think of my death.

i hope im first.

i will never leave him.

he will never leave me.

we are perfect.

nobody gets it.

but i do.

hes why i exist.

**tucks  myself in waiting to be in the same house again**

all i need to do is love him.

and so i yawn…



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