losing my religion

Posted: January 12, 2011 in me

I tire of my banta fodder being on the internet. Contribute, in fact, I will. It’s splayed out there in verbal regurgitation.

All I do is hope an ex reads it and thinks it’s about HIM.

Why am I doing this?!?!

I do this because my fingers can tap shit like ENTER.

Well, there were times people liked it.

Now I find myself held prisoner by my friends liking it.

I edit myself.

I show forethought and critical thinking.

i have friends.

my heart and soul have many words.

im in a flux.

do the right thing?

do “whats right.”

i need guidance.

i got it tonite.

my best example is failure.

so…i wonder…

who will “get” me?

and can they hold me?

banta fodder…

yet i still write.

do you HEAR me?!?!

do you like it?

are you breathing?


because i hear you


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