Posted: January 20, 2011 in alone, clarity, confusion, destiny, grass is greener, hope, karma, lonliness, love, me, rant

In my haste I never bother to read signs.

I have always been on my one way ticket to ignoration.

Here I go again.

I revel in the mystery of my destination.

Lost maps please me.

I am resigned to the fact that my journey will lead to greener pastures.

FUCK…I hate grass.

I want sandy beaches and touristy swap meets…indoors.

A gently gloved  hand is required.

Though I’ve been here many times, I’d like to see it in your eyes.

That’s why I am the court jester of love.

Amuse you I will.

You will laugh…

I’d like to dance and skirt but my voice fails me in my life song.

I breathe in…

Breathe me out.

Make me whole and dated.

1 billion served…Unless you are captain DIFFERENT…

I don’t know metric.

My hope is timeless in it’s anniversaries of events.

Don’t change that.

I count it all…

I keep score.

1 2 3 4…

I’m tired.

Carry me for once….

until I see the cobbler.


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