cheating at jenga

Posted: January 24, 2011 in me

the whole point of “puzzles” is that there are all these missing pieces. seems like an odd challenge to present children with, all for the sake of mind building and problem solving. it imitates life: something is always missing. you need to fill the space. the goal once reached, must be disassembled only to rebuild it or start immediately over. so who are you?!?! the one who busts it up right away and stores it away, no longer interested in the challenge? are you the one who takes it apart just to build it again? or is it that youre the one who finds some cocamamie way to laminate and preserve it? i think this is a pertinent question: when you first built a puzzle, a definitive choice was made. did YOU make it? or did the person who introduced you, GUIDE you?! i can say that my only memories of puzzles are with my sweet baby niece. we would take it apart carefully and rebuild it…..taking a different direction. there was peace. advice and streams of thought ensued. we trusted each other. we had a connection. we TRUSTED each other. we gave each other time. time to reconcile. to make sense of how it would be possible to create some one elses beautiful picture. i cant tell you what one single  puzzle  looked like. i just remember the journey. and how when i walked away from it all… went neatly back into a box, all pieces disconnected, but safe. offering the opportunity to walk that road again. a warm soft hand intertwined with mine……………


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