Posted: January 29, 2011 in me

i heard your tears in the next room the day i said goodbye

in all your strength and stubbornness, it threw me that youd cry

who am i to be mourned for, because i had to leave

it took me to the first time i sprayed your cologne on my sleeve

i never thought itd come to that, or that youd go away

and sometime in my sleep, i dream you say “please? no! baby stay.”

how dare you crush my dreams with you, without a damn good reason

i never thought you were the one there for only one, cold, dark season

im not sure that much has changed to make me understand

despite my hardcore fighting, you became my man

i was your little girl and i tried so hard to grow

and i really, really, really did, but you refused to know

if you were a pair of ill fit jeans, id have taken you back

but you werent, so i left, and now my heart is black

i cant ask you questions, i cant accept your lies

it kills me most that this chapter, was such a great surprise

you told me to stop running and i finally took a breath

now here i am looking around and im the one thats left

did i leave or did you push me out the door?

i cant answer that but im done trying…evermore

in these words, feelings, and memories i feel so fake

all along my arms been stretched, just for your hand to take

the horse has been dead and gone, and my stick is just a nub

how can a girl as smart as me continue to believe in love

i read books, i watch the shows, i tat myself with math

yet when i think about you, our time seems my path

you made me great, i showed you love, and it never made sense

i it watched its finity fade with heartbreak and suspense

ill shut up now, my burden is my words

but i cant let go of wanting towels embroidered with “him and hers”

  1. Woo says:

    This is the next one going on WNS, k?

  2. lori says:

    loved it. made my heart ache.

  3. Michelle Dee says:

    I has a sad.

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