Posted: January 29, 2011 in me
the moment i feel heavy
i remember breathing
and jax
and babies
and double cheese burgers
i am never sad long

if i need sadness i see its contribution

so when i see a piece of me dying
i love something harder
i love it
when i feel disconnected
i wrap my love around a baby
i hug it
so hard
then i breathe
i place myself
my name i jenny
im a blonde
i have a niece
my brother is amazing
i like cheese
and blankets
lilacs are amazing
when i wake ill have tea
all amazing stuff

i need a new day to love more

im exactly where i am supposed to be
this is my moment
to rest
to accept
to be me
i am placed
and i fit
there will be a new day
cuz im not done loving

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