im late for a very important date

Posted: February 1, 2011 in me

ive always known that being surrounded by creative people would be a toilet swirl of existence.

but i like it.

im not sure if its the calling i should follow, but i am.

so here i am in septic twister of awesomeness…

and i fear it will not end soon.

this is the most ive felt MYSELF…

and properly executed.

is it good for me?

i dont care.

is it effective?

well kind of, in several ways.

this isnt the moment i shall begins to sandra day o’connor.

am i happy?

what IS “HAPPY”?

im being COMMITTED.

and thats a fabulous start



  1. dadsdaytime says:

    Really liked this one. I feel much the same, minus the swirl.

  2. Michelle Dee says:

    ❤ this 🙂

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