Posted: February 2, 2011 in me

I hate feeling that I’m eye/arm/ear/brain candy. There are songs I adore because they reject the idea of being found attractive…how ever the beholder defines that. I stand on the fact that looks are 90% genetic. Don’t bother me: the person who sees me naked most, bathes myself most and satisfies myself most, with your oral pukings of visual interpretations. My personality has been molded by my family and the fact that life hasn’t managed to off me yet. My intelligence is also the result of genetics and upbringing. My “education” is my intelligence’s conjoined twin. (which I ate) My sense of humor is an abomination of all these things, the Frankenstinian triplet if you will. I’m beginning to sound as if I don’t believe in free will. Well, maybe I don’t. Or maybe, good sir, I do not give a fuck.

Despite my experiences with mechanics, plumbers, and women in HR, I am pleased I am woman. If we enlisted a barter system, I would be Bill Gates. At any given moment I understand what one flick of a lash, lick of my lip, or one solitary tear can illicit. What I SHOULD be credited for, is using my power wisely and genuinely. Am I asking that you be grateful if I choose your company, affection and body fluids? HA! There I go with my wiles again…

Do I know my point? Do I know what I’m saying or asking? I think, in essence, I’m accepting myself. I love the fact that I think I’m not hard on the eyes. I’m smarter than the average cookie. I can make a grown man laugh with a fart joke or admitting how fallible I am. My twist of words can weave you into laughter, tears, or a raging hard on.

Today, my complete apathy of the “BLIZZARD OF 2011” has piqued all the qualities I possess as well as the questions that have been previously mentioned. I am in an emotional ivory tower. Im looking to drop my hair to the people of Hoth. I hope to resume my normalcy as soon as the sun shines…though I will hiss at it with great vigor. With the “Great Melt of 2011”, I will once again prove it’s good to keep a hard man down. I will giggle like my life depends on it and be the side man to any fat fucker that can procure a hot slave…aka ME.






I relinquish control.

**Assumes my birthright as a Siren and Muse**

Proceed and ADIEU!


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