Posted: February 3, 2011 in me

life is toilsome and full of requirements.

the BREATHING is enough to kill me.

then i hear my heart needs to be involved?!?!

what am i ?!?!?!

a rocket surgeon?

have you ever felt that it hurts to have skin?

or to be human?

welcome to my groundhog day.

i define the definition of insanity.

there is deep seeded doubt in my conduct.

and im running…

or sitting still…

far away…

i quit.

i want to be carried from an explosion…

that you never look back at.

i am flailing.

i experience love based on fragility on a daily…

i hate that.

id like to rise like a phoenix

but even in the dreams that i can fly

i flap.

im running.

im running hard.

im running with stamina.

only a gladiator can defeat that.

im so tired.

tuck me in.

be sexy.

make me want you.

give words to the day i burst.

i am unfair.

i hate that about me.


isnt fair to me.

its a balance,

why must you make me feel so little and light?

carry me away in your closed off offered mystery.


im so much smaller than a kilo and a life of apathy.

i bet youd be the best!

the darkest of nights involve you.

now im involved.

and here i am…



running from fire

youre pretty amazing


i am obtuse.

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