Posted: February 4, 2011 in me

It is my belief that life doles us 2 major ass whoopings of a lesson: consequence and avoidance. Many things lead to us choosing between the positions of piper payer and master of disguise. i fail at both. i have the karma of Ghenhis Kahn. My life is a constant reprimand of mistakes that I’m unaware of. i never claimed to be perfect. My bet is that I’m good. It’s tiresome to renig. I shall not be blind. I feel that I am righteous or ppl wouldn’t trust me with their children. So why would a man trust me with his heart? I feel frivolous. I don’t ask for your solution. My dad called me today…regarding my dark secret. He PLACED me. He pointed out that my intelligence and wiles would redeem me. I was valued. I love my dad. It’s in our weakness we are loved. It’s itchy to be a creative slash analytical creature. I’m comfy here. So I’ll be odd…

Dear BOB:

I love you most for donuts on a stick.

I loved my KOOBAH!

You will always rescue me.

You’re so brilliant.

I REVELED in the days I sat on the stairs to hear your guitar gently weep…

i heard every burst of a string.

thank you daddy.

thank you for making me tough.

and andy and azzy.

i shall reckon with my facts based on your belief in me.

wanna know a funny daddy BOB?

we became “friends” along the way.

thats all i ever wanted.

GOLLY am I glad I was so totally right about you ❤

  1. JMiz says:

    BOB is nutty…he just snapped back for a bit in a crisis. thx mama…and thx woo ❤

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