Table Salt

Posted: January 3, 2012 in me

There comes a time where we have to face the past. This is life giving us a delicate recipe of sorts.

*Pre-Heat very cold existence to Dante’s Inferno

*Lightly lubricate your soul with tears & the blood of dying denial

Mix the following ingredients:

-Daddy issues (may substitute Mommy issues where Daddy issues may not be available)

– Abuse by any loved one (mental, verbal, emotion, or sexual) to taste

-1 part admission of accountability on your side

– Equal parts of failure & success (a ‘heaping’ amount of success often produces better results)

– Equal parts of self truths & self lies

-A fist sized amount of tears

– One deep breath

Once all ingredients are mixed, shape into the desired form. Some examples can be found in your heart.

Place in warm oven with  TRUE friends, gratitude, humility, forgiveness & hope.

Bake until golden & firm.

A soft center is to be expected, as some settling will occur.

Carefully cover with self worth, self awareness, integrity, vigilance, and tenacity.

Once cooled, divide into healthy portions.

This is best served daily.

Great for sharing with loved ones, children, people you respect, people who reciprocate, and warm fuzzy animals.

*Author’s note*

Don’t be discouraged by early attempts that may not turn out “perfect.” Some things are mastered slowly, others quickly. Enjoy the process & the experience.



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