Fun Facts About My Dating History

Posted: January 10, 2012 in facts, love, me, rant, sex

-Many of the guys I dated married the next girl. Think “Good Luck Chuck.” Ha! Take that Dane Cook! I did that first!

– Whenever I feel a guy & I are getting serious &  I call off my “special friends”, the relationship is dunzo in less than a week. Monogamy + honesty = dumptitude

– Three of my past serious boyfriends were born on the 21st of their month. I won’t date a guy born on the 21st anymore.

-I get in ruts with the Zodiac signs. I’ve been through: Leos, Capricorns & Gemini’s. Great sex, bad bad mojo.

– All of the guys I date remind me of my dad, brother or first cousin. Yes. I’m “that girl.” I’m sure there’s a pole out there for me somewhere.

– Some of my best long term relationships were purely sexual, but we were best friends. The lack of commitment & day to day allowed us to just have fun & enjoy each other.

– I haven’t had kids because reproducing DNA is s big deal. And I have horrible taste.

– I’ve only had an ” anniversary” with my first serious boyfriend. The best gifts I received were from boyfriends I didn’t date very long.

– Most of my boyfriends had weird relationships with their moms, and their dad was out of the picture. Sometimes it was the opposite. I’ve dated like 1 guy whose parents were together.

-I don’t date red heads. Dad is a ginger. That’s just too weird.

– My relationships last longer with guys in an analytical career. Those in trades tend to bore me. The creative types… well, when we’re done fucking & destroying each other, it’s a wrap.

– The guys I date tend to suffer from a “Homecoming King Complex.” In some way, shape, or form, they have to feel accepted & popular. This is polar to how I maneuver through life.

-The guys I’ve dated are all comfortable around kids, and actually good with them. Or making them.

-I prefer guys who REALLY know how to cook & aren’t picky eaters. I actually look down on picky eaters. I don’t want to shop in only four aisles at the grocery store. Don’t make me go back there.

– I’m rarely attracted to blondes or guys with blue eyes. Again, I’ve been in a rut with these two also.

I always wonder what I’m looking for, holding out for etc. It mainly comes down to having a guy who enriches his OWN life. I’ve done that. I’m also a blend of intellect & creativity, so unless they’re similar they don’t appreciate the existence of such a harmony. I need way less attention than I seem to. I respect somebody who tells me no more so than yes. I’ve said it before, at 37, I just want to be complimented, not completed.


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