Posted: January 14, 2012 in poetry

screaming down it’s black hole throat
i furiously gasp for air
the feel of scattered cluttered bodies
yet not a soul is there

i dig my nails in the nothing
blood dripping from my palms
sacrificed at my own hand
my tumults replaced my calms

i am not contented
nor am i so sound
you held your pastey hand for me
a phantom push into the ground

resurrected heart beats
fell on self-filled ears
my heart’s wall thunderously leveled in days
what took me infinite years

you were uninvited
and i was tricked and burned
the tears, the trust, the feelings
in fact stolen, the furthest thing from earned

i am done here
i am dead
my wounds drip
hollow heart and head

i’d love to say farewell
and thank you that you came
but my words, i don’t hear
and i forgot your name

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