Posted: January 16, 2012 in clarity, confusion, destiny, hope, me

I feel like an Empress. I have clothes. They suit me. They please me. My conundrum…my skin.

It’s much too itchy. It’s much too tight. It no longer feels good. It no longer feels right.

My breathing has seemed labored and forced. Not from the life I’m taking in. It’s the hope I’m being enveloped by.

I have been offered a magic bean. If I take it, nurture it, love it and weed it, it grows. From it’s hope flower steps not Thumbalina, but, well…me.

Imagine the opportunity to turn yourself into a REAL GIRL. No strings attached. You can jump and sing and smile and laugh and sleep all the tiring things away. But not the ivory tower trapped type of sleep. The sleep of angels and puppies and babies and people who build dreams for free.

Sound too good to be true? That’s the catch. It’s not. Yet. There’s many fittings to be held. Remember: measure twice, cut once. Choose only what’s right.

My downfall has always been options. I don’t do well with options. So for the time being, my spirit will float untethered, uncommitted, and ethereal. THAT I am comfortable with.

That’s how they getcha… the first time you’re free.


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