Posted: January 28, 2012 in clarity, destiny, karma, love, me, poetry, repetition

subjects buried
never realized
or dug up from the depths of eternity

the stillness
the buoyancy
the ebb and flow of the past present and future

long ago
far away
separated from unity like splintered unmade introductions

washed up
dried up
life crept back into the ever waiting vessel of opportunity

evolving isolation
eyes opening
we discovered the strange neighbor in eternity’s plan

never new
far from familiar
reminders of who we are who were we and who we may yet be

soul twined stranger

here again
to remind me
to remember
do better
be clever
let go with the mated collective love coated hope

never promising
simply stating
live, feel, learn, grow, move, and it will never ever cease to BE

  1. Michelle Dee says:

    Wow! Another gem!

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