Posted: February 2, 2012 in destiny, facts, hope, love, poetry
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ive asked to be little countless times
too many promises, so many crimes

and there you were, just cuz i asked
time that stood still, now quickly passed

trickles of tickles, fast beating heart
al dente noodles, no ending, no start

floating on clouds of blankies and peace
knowing that moments must always cease

the sudden sound of leavings, breath was held
eyes locking in stayings, bodies in meld

you grabbed my fingers, pressed down my soul
you saw the balance, what makes me whole

dream that, i couldn’t. wishes once deeply downed
in the moment, the tizzy, was my truth found

“Be my friend. Hold me. Wrap me up. Unfold me. I am small and needy. Warm me up and breathe me.”   Sia-“Breathe Me”

  1. Wow! That left me a little breathless!

    This is brilliantly written… god, I want to tattoo it on my arm so it is always with me!

  2. Reblogged this on Veronica The Pajama Thief and commented:
    This is some of the most brilliant and moving writing I have come across in a long time! I am honored to be given a peek inside the writer’s soul.

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