being…me <3

Posted: February 20, 2012 in clarity, destiny, hope, karma, love, me

Today was the most, absolutely perfect day. I wouldn’t change a nano- second!

I wanted to go to a restaurant that has bacon waffles. They hold a childhood fondness for me. DONE!

I wanted a peppermint mocha. They’re my absolute favorite! DONE!

I wanted to go get a nerf gun & Yahtzee. DONE!

I wanted to be held & rest & giggle & be the little red balloon tethered to the mighty stone. DONE.

All amongst the happenings, I was happy. Happy to a point that people brought my happiness to my attention. I am feeling more like me than I may have ever felt before. Ever.

The universe lines things up in the most trixiest ways sometimes. I believe that. I have faith in that. I am under the big orange X these days. And it’s a wonderful place to exist. Living, surviving, these are all well & good. But being… BEING… as I am truly intended, is amazing!

It’s a very cool thing to see yourself. And I finally do. I like her. She’s not perfect, but she’s good. She’s a pleasant & refreshing surprise. She’s at peace… even if she’s the bouncy, blowy, red balloon…she is tethered to her stone


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