Posted: February 24, 2012 in me

I was asked if I thought of you.
I said I never have to.
You’re always in my heart.
My soul.

Every breath.
Every blink.
Every beat.

My thing that wakes me the same way I drifted off to sleep.
My golden thing to take for granted.
My morning, my afternoon, my evening, my night.

This birthday, I have one wish.
I wish that the rest of my days will be no different…
Than a Tuesday.
In your arms.
And lap.
Smiling, sobbing, laughing, shivering.

My morning glory.
My happy ending.
My sighs.
My breathless gasps.
My constant.
My friend.
My “found” in a closet of “losts”

Happy Birthday, happy life…


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