Posted: February 26, 2012 in me

Saying that the last few days of my life have been amazing, would be an injustice to the last few weeks. All the pieces of my life have been settling into place like the tumbler in a lock. I’m seeing the world in a way that is way more optimistic than even my sunny deposition would’ve ever dreamed. The people I love are becoming well, and I am coming to love well people.

I am the breaking dawn of my life’s tomorrows. Each morning I awaken with more vigor and joyful memories than the day before. Content could do nothing but insult my current state by even dreaming of attempting to be it’s descriptor.

I have peace, I have hope, I have purpose, and the consistency that comes from the tangling of two pure souls. Jesus may have died  for sins, but my entire life has laid to rest for this ecstasy and peace. I begin anew with each breath and brush of skin and lip.

Jenny = Jenny



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