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Posted: March 23, 2012 in destiny, facts, hope, love, me, poetry

there hangs a heart from my neck because i’ve always believed in love
though i’ve felt self-convincing
ive fought to keep the hope
then you were just there
first a friend and soul mate
then holding my hands
now your kisses burn me
chest full of fire
just below my dangling heart


Posted: March 21, 2012 in me

i want a man who thinks i’m beautiful when i cry.
but once he’s seen it, he never has to see it again.


Posted: March 19, 2012 in alone, clarity, destiny, hope, lonliness, love, me, poetry

as i sat there
once again
with what was left
or wasn’t left
of my identity
and dignity
my heart hardened
or buried itself
underneath dead lungs

all i ever wanted
the only thing i asked
leaving with that
that which i came with
a suitcase of life
three boxes of happy memories
confident trust
a beating heart
two working lungs

but i didn’t
yet here i am
still blinking
heart throbbing with love
lungs swollen with hope
so thank you
all of you
leaving with nothing
pushed me towards everything

i walked in with nothing
unless you count me
and before i knocked
the door opened
the mat said welcome
and i was handed a key
tied with a ribbon
shaped like a heart
there’s no place like home


Posted: March 13, 2012 in clarity, destiny, facts, hope, karma, love, me

I promise:

Not to make my bad day more important than your good one. Or your ordinary one, for that matter.

To never fill in the blanks. I will ask. You will answer. Honesty. Faith. Trust.

I will always say thank you. Even if it's just your way, I will be grateful.

When I say I love you, or I'm sorry, I'll mean it. And I'll never treat either as a polite or expected retort.

To shed my cuts, scrapes, bruises and scars. I have no choice. I'm safe now.

I'll always evolve, change, hope, dream, have goals, and look to the future. But never at the cost of our moments, experiences or days.

To stay me. If you like it, I can't help but love it.

To let you be you… amazing YOU.

Be kind, understanding, a quiet listener, a vocal expressor, patient, loving and consistent. And all the mixed up blends and proportional balances.

I'll hold your hand when it's cold. And/or wrinkled.

To deserve you.


Posted: March 13, 2012 in clarity, destiny, hope, karma, love, me, poetry

ive looked in his eyes
cool pools of forever
lungs devoid of air
mind unaware of time
and i have feared

i’ve felt his confident weight
smothering my insecurity
paralyzing my need to run
tiny pieces of heart mending
and dare i say fluttering

for at least 8 days i’ve stifled
choked back
the 3 words i’ve always felt
because i’ve always lived 3 others

please not again
this isn’t real
it’s a ruse
nothing last forever
don’t leave me

i love you


Posted: March 10, 2012 in clarity, destiny, hope, love, poetry

the ceaseless cascade of doubt from lives past
makes me doubt the obvious

i fear the tingley fire of love
i dare not meet soulful eyes
yet still, so still i sit

the first day of eternity
anticipated encounters of centuries patient
breathless steadiness, frozen

despite the scars and pessimism
i join eyes, synchronize respiration, match the rhythm of a heart
i leap, i soar, i float down to your safest arms


Posted: March 7, 2012 in me

like water trickling down slopey leaves
my emptiness melts.
it’s hydrated wake
forms rainbows on newborn dew.
i am breathing misty heartbeats
on my soul
born to be just this
creation of purpose
my tears now well of love
emerging from cracked dry desolate memories
saturated by the heaviness
the traveler of majestic seas
floating still on the tip of his peninsula
banked not sank
anchored peacefully in the nestle
no more waiting
the clock no longer ticks like an arythmic heart
time instead sweeps
inhaling his exhale
breathing in his life
my starry love
here once again
to comfort my held clammy hands