Posted: May 9, 2012 in clarity, destiny, hope, karma, love, me, poetry

billowy pillowy inhaled fuming love
new acquaintance
old soul hand hold
buried in the past of futures
untold memories laying lifeless
looks locked leering lustfully
muffled i loves you
telling their secret fears and fames
ethereal endless effervescent
everythings emulated enumerated
eternities ever entering my heart
i love as he was, is, and shall be
never anticipating
expectations eradicated
he is he who is
rolling and roiling
deepest depths of determination
destined dusty duly doubted
damn near destroyed
in my palm heart and mouth
forgiving forgetting forging
my forever love
my daily reflection and reminder
love exists
love lulling in tired ears
promising tomorrow will come
and so it will go
just as it came
innocently dedicated
the manifested promise
never spoken
simply understood


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