Posted: June 25, 2012 in me

my hand made tiny by your heart

fingers melted into stop and start

go and pause never ever stop

together in the nougatty middle, no bottom no top

the way my eyes see your eyes

the way your soul comforts my cries

is it just a memory or is this our now

im still so stuck in love but lately wonder how

that peace that given knowledge im craving its embrace

is it there or is it gone, embossed then erased

find me in your sleep tonite

ill be the one in white

with golden curls across my lips

your arms around my hips

your spirit knows my address

my face your caress

please come to me my far away love

even if nightmares you must push and shove

find me where ive always been, neighboring groove in your bed

in your heart your hands your head




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