Posted: June 25, 2012 in me

my words have turned from pink to grey

in limbo in my larynx, not much to say

fluffy clouds now draconian rain

my happiness silenced by ancient pain

the summit now a valley flipped and flopped

my speech bubble deflated erased and popped

in my head the conversation between the royal we

my myokymiased eyes blinded to myself by me

the only solace i can find is the screeching cries

revolving who what where when whys

lulled by the madness and the cyclic sickness

smothered suffocated snuffed out by the thickness

all this strife confusion sadness is just self-inflicted

no drug no drink no vice only negativity addicted

spinning spinning spinning fast, once what was slow

tomorrow will be different, but where will all THIS go?




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