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Posted: October 27, 2012 in me

Like the joy found in coagulating blood
Upon a wound healing seemed impossible
I see the fresh pinky shine of beginnings
My heart was handed back to me By the one who loved
So it would one day beat

do ya?

Posted: October 9, 2012 in alone, clarity, confusion, lonliness, love, me, poetry, sex

you tell me im cute

hold my hand

curl my curls around your finger

but do you SEE me?

you say im funny

laugh at my jokes

wrinkling your nose & the corners of your eyes

but do you HEAR me?

you tell me im smart

deeply pondering my musings

sharing your reactions to my lifes journey

but do you UNDERSTAND me?

you know my middle name

you know the story behind every tattoo and scar

you can trace my curves with your eyes closed

but do you KNOW me?

if you do

SEE me



why am i invisible



and frustrated

is it because


i dont let you

or me



Thoughts on Fucking

Posted: October 2, 2012 in me

They say there is truth in comedy, and comedy in truth. The truth is that I haven’t been having sex since my last break-up. There is one basic reason for this: I want to be taken seriously. If I just wanted to feel like a pussy with a mouth and what goes into my mouth is more important than what comes out, well, I get enough of that on that on the internet. My sense of humor didn’t develop because I was shitting rainbows & having unicorns as guests for high tea. My life was shitty. My relationships were shitty. I.WAS.SHITTY. I offer no apology for my sense of humor, nor the fact I can see things from a mannish perspective. But none of that means I accept anyone missing me as a being once they’re given the opportunity. And since I cannot surgically remove my pussy, I’m keeping my pussy out of the equation. That I can do. And it has been easy as well as effortless. I don’t want to be touched by somebody I don’t touch. I’m not holding out on some type of game board power trip. I’m taking myself serious in hopes that energy will attract a situation where I’ll consider changing my feelings. This stage of my life is mind over body. I can control my use of intoxicants, food, bad habits etc, so I can control myself sexually. I am focused on being the best me I can be for myself in the world. Somebody will fit into that equation. And when they do, so will their dick. Or at least that’s what I believe. Until then, I’m happier, more clear headed and at a level of peace I’ve ever been. I’m ALIVE and in good company.

Just an FYI

Posted: October 2, 2012 in me

Some of you may or may not know, word on the street is that sometimes, I’m funny