Kübler-Ross: a small girl’s effigy

Posted: November 5, 2012 in me

I descended the stairs

Hopes of warming bones with tea

Bones ravaged

Bones soft

Bones hardened

Bones buried

He lay there close eyed

Ridged finger that once held love

My favorite thing indeed

Wrestling with the pain

He tossed

Face gnarled

Face oranged

Face writhing in dreams

Face facing reality

I was too late

Frozen and cold

I watched

Hoping to see something new

Or different

Begging for the ended indifference

Begging to feel

Begging to stop

Begging for an introduction

I ran double steps

Silencing the screeching kettle

My own finger burned smooth

From lessons forgotten

I wasted what took years

In seconds

I became small


So very small

So very small

So very small

So very small

WHO am i now

who AM i now

who am I now

who am i NOW


in this place i know so well

doors never opening

doors only closing

doors as walls

doors so many doors

and im weeping

i weep for him

i weep for the ridge in his finger

i weep for the smoothness of mine

i weep

and weep

and weep

and weep

then i sip

then i swallow my forgotten pills

swearing never to be them


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