Posted: December 4, 2013 in me

when people ask who i am

i tell them

with my words

my movements

my voice

my hesitation

they never want to know the truth

that i am bored

of these types of conversations

waiting and waiting and waiting

to stop talking about me

and be seen

and felt

and breathed in

and spit out

and i can’t tell them my truth

the truth about what i love

what i long for

what breaks my heart

what makes me swell

what makes me

nobody knows

nor do they want to

how easy it is

when you’re just you

and you take my hand

and walk me


on the inside of the sidewalk

and ask nothing

as you feel the warmth

of my fingers in yours

born of nothing

but chance

and courage

and no good reason not to

and in that simplicity

where things just happen to happen

i glow

and spin

and breathe

in AND out

but they’ll never know

those who question

how simple it is

to just be

when you make me…


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