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Posted: September 23, 2017 in me

I have been buried in the opacity of your being

To be looked in the eye and have creativity and creation explained at me

As if I was not basking in the sunlight of my own words and makings

Long before you forced me into your shadow

To be minimized by you when I was once lauded by others

To take that which YOU have born

Frame it

Display it

And share it with those I love

Only to be repaid in suffocation

And darkness


And indifference

If not criticism

The things I’ve conceived constructed and composed have taken me from lightless places to museums built on art

All of it compulsively involuntary

It, in fact, has actualized who I am

Not conversely

And if you don’t see that

If you miss what I am

If you can exist without any of that

Then I have no idea what you love

Without those things, I am invisible