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Day 3-Day 4

Posted: December 20, 2010 in 3 day hump, clarity, facebook, hope, me

Aside from avoiding the time suck of facebook, I’ve also been fighting my own life and inner demons. Watching the fog of facebook obsession lift, I’m beginning to discern what negativities  may be intertwined between the two concerns.

Last night, I again reclaimed my day at 830pm. My brother helped me with a transportation issue that seems to be “smoothed”, even if momentarily. I fell asleep by 2am, which seems like a child’s bedtime compared to the past few days. Despite a horrible nightmare an hour later, I managed to drag ass out of bed at 7am. This will all lead me to actually making it to my shit stain job today! Today I’ll receive a pittance of a paycheck, a supplemental unemployment payment, be able to use my “magic grocery card money”, get some stuff from the dollar store, and some food and litter for the cat.

I don’t expect an award for any of this. My facebook abstinence hasn’t had true integrity, but it’s no longer as compelling as it was. Three day hump?!?! I sure hope so. I’ve already decided that when I revisit my relationship with the old FB, it will no longer consume me to the same degree. There was something that spoke to the 3 of us that backed us away, in the same time frame. Not speaking from a stance of conceit, but from what I can tell, our absence could have made facebook lose some of it’s luster to our friends and loved ones. I hope this impacts us all in a positive way.

One more thought, iterating this here, with an ultimate set of goals, is WAY more positive and effective than my multiple status updates on facebook. I’ve lost my concern for a virtual validation in the form of a “like” or “comment”. Anyone that truly knows me, my passion for writing, and gives a true damn, is able to keep tabs on inner JMiz right here. Day 4 is starting to feel, dare I say good. Laters fb…see ya in a few…maybe.