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I often feel bad that I have no idea how to relate to women AT ALL! I am not the one to look to for comfort. There are many situations I can handle “down to the white meat”, but when you become irrational…I’m out. Not to sound sketch…but would so many dudes be cool w me if all I did was look for validation and cry about my pussy aka my feelings?!?! NO!

This is the sane curse I’ve suffered my whole life…I’m Alpha. In all honesty,  I never give a fuck if you are as well, as that is so fleeting, and far between. My claim is not perfection, but I’d be the LAST bitch they would send to a hut every 28 days. I’m the girl that would issue “red wings”.

This is always the shit that kills me, my bitches…Why in the fuck do you decide to hate me for the same reason you love me? A man can at least love and hate me fuck me for the same reason and does not have to say a gatdam word. You think I should entertain a text that could rival a doctoral thesis…”WHY I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE A REAL FRIEND…” SCHNARF SCNARF muthafucka…you’re the reason humanity proposed the most pussified form of Feminism ever know to MAN!

Do me a favor m’kay: Get an education. Get a CAREER. Get a GULLIBLE man. MAKE him love your cat you’ve had since juniour year…Then get an IUD. We don’t need any more of your shenanigans.

Until then, I’m gonna read my comics, play w my new phone, drink beer with witty boys and listen to metal as we watch The Venture Brothers after I baked brownies in a white wife beater…braless.

Is my life chaotic? Like you bitches would know. Sometime you need to lay in the cut and receive and shut. the. fuck. up. Grab a controller…up up down down left right left right B A  start…

Day 1

Posted: December 18, 2010 in alone, cats, confusion, facebook, me

Today was the first 24 hours in an attempt at 168 hours without facebook. Oddly, it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I cheated once, through my yahoo account to reply to a time sensitive invite for my niece and myself for a play date. Throughout the day, I’d log on my meembo account to chat. My facebook account logs on with the rest of the chat accounts I have, but is that a cheat?!?! My day had much more free time. These are the things I got done today:

-Rent payment (which I’m behind on)

-All dirty clothes washed

-All clean clothes folded and hung

-Closet completely reorganized

-Ran a load of dishes and hand washed the rest

-FINALLY tracked down “that smell”

-Made some tweaks to my blog appearance

-Mentally began cultivating an idea for an entry to a zine I contribute to

-Called my mom 6 times

-Spent 20 minutes with my brother

-Washed my garbage can

I sit here and remember a time, not long ago, there wasn’t so much to “catch up” on. The work I did today is probably 1/5 of what I need to do in order to get “back to good.” The oddest thing was, I often wondered if my time at a PC encouraged my cats bad behaviour, my cat was a horror today. I spent time playing with him more so than usual. He was fed on his norm schedule. We napped. Today was the worst he’s acted in weeks. I, myself, was a little more upbeat. So i wonder…what came first: the facebook or the sloth? Did facebook help cultivate negativities in my life, or was it an outlet for me to “deal” or forget about them? I have another 144 hours to afford the opportunity to dissect these quandaries. At this moment, I must admit, I feel a little less lonely holding my relationships closer to my heart and devoid of the constant validation. I’d rather not be “connected” and so easily accessed. My old romantic soul has always been a big fan of the road that pining leads me down…Though I am a step further away from my “friends”, I now begin to wonder, am I a little closer to me?!