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half of twelve

Posted: May 26, 2012 in alone, lonliness, love, me, poetry

screams executed as inhales
faulty and failed
words too full
lips clumsy from the weight of tears
soggy dripping fear drench brain
soul deafened by the silence
where heartbeats once danced
paralysis victorious and merciless
a single thought resonates
help me
help you



Posted: May 19, 2012 in destiny, hope, James, love, me, poetry

unity’s return
sealed by a goodnight kiss
our hearts return home

sinking before you learn to swim
crashing before you learn to fly
defying reality in hopes to control
or prayer to be swept away
outer body out of your mind
delicious sleep just never comes
forced to instinct you sink
how could you know anything else?
eyes and heart battle scarred
you disappear
inside of you
no longer in me
its death a wilting
no pomp just circumstance
distance perceived as shrinking
all is heavy
all is dark
truth evident in the temperature
cold and invisible it consumes you
you are not here
youve faded
slipping through the hand extended
fingers missing that touch of life
as blackness grows strong
the light now extinct
all gone
without explanation or justice
eyes turned to the away i must walk to
drowned in their own tears
i am not here


Posted: May 11, 2012 in destiny, facts, hope, karma, love, me, poetry

breath sucked from chest and lung
time merely a parable of love actually
blood circulating the grand design
that this is the spot futures sprout
a moment one moment the next moment
all there is, is this
salty sweety buttery melted skin
halos caronas and flitting wings
my earth my heaven my center
axis at the turning point of my life
i began for you
i died for you
i took your breath
you gave me life
and a strong warm hand
that simply dangled patient for the bravery


Posted: May 9, 2012 in clarity, destiny, hope, karma, love, me, poetry

billowy pillowy inhaled fuming love
new acquaintance
old soul hand hold
buried in the past of futures
untold memories laying lifeless
looks locked leering lustfully
muffled i loves you
telling their secret fears and fames
ethereal endless effervescent
everythings emulated enumerated
eternities ever entering my heart
i love as he was, is, and shall be
never anticipating
expectations eradicated
he is he who is
rolling and roiling
deepest depths of determination
destined dusty duly doubted
damn near destroyed
in my palm heart and mouth
forgiving forgetting forging
my forever love
my daily reflection and reminder
love exists
love lulling in tired ears
promising tomorrow will come
and so it will go
just as it came
innocently dedicated
the manifested promise
never spoken
simply understood


Posted: May 7, 2012 in alone, destiny, insomnia, lonliness, love, me, poetry

on stormy nights
i think of your lips
and how they taste
after kissing my tears

i see your eyes
when i close mine
and thunder becomes heartbeats
lighting illuminates destiny

yet i lie alone
cool sheets filled with breadth
absent of your warmth
empty handed and pining

patience is the virtue i damn most
on nights like these
id give my soul
for one saltless kiss


Posted: April 28, 2012 in alone, clarity, destiny, facts, hope, karma, me, poetry

morning goodness
deep in love’s blind
invisible to everything
even the eyes of god

i search the print
wandering through ornate words
steadily fumbling through the extraneous
skating digits, volleying eyes

sight failing the lowly earthing
hushed audible ephifanies
her carapase ignites & dissapates
tastes of electrified spirit

fed &impregnated
the purpose of the day initiated
centered in the nothingness
her life inserted & propelled

without fear
without anticipation
void of apprehension
only certainty & sure footedness

no fact
no interrelation
only her universality
carried by the breath of a thousand dying suns


Posted: April 26, 2012 in alone, destiny, facts, hope, lonliness, me, poetry

blackness so rich
absorbing all light & levity

depth beyond reckoning
evaporating breath & beauty

darkness so heavy
compressing time & truth

stillness ever murderous
raping the hope & happiness

i am the cloud
i am the abyss
i am the anchor
sinking this ship

no need for trembling
children needn’t fear
the descent is singular
only i am not here

the falling immortal
the silence of screams
the tear of life’s fabric
the terming of dreams

yet still my soul floats
it’s buoyancy my master
those days are far gone
of me…the beautiful disaster


Posted: April 21, 2012 in destiny, love, me, poetry, sex

lines so soft
gentlest curves
no borders
no wars
tone tonality
wafting white whispery
downy delicate daring
communion conforming comfortably
suggested sultry substantiated swoons
no lips
no words
no floors
no walls
no ceiling
stars twinkle in my tingly toes
sand stirring the friction of forms
firey flirty femine fumes
hearts beating til there’s only one


Posted: April 19, 2012 in alone, clarity, facts, me, poetry

they say the way you get it
will be the way you lose it
so if you were then the chosen
that’s just til they unchoose it

nothing lasts forever
nothing ever stays
disproving this fact to me
would mean knowledge beyond your days

i’m happier “the cynic”
more content the Tom that doubts
i’m safer as the questioner
comfortable with my pouts

don’t ask me to believe you
i’ll only say i do
and then you’ll say you believe me
and i’ll wink, “of course you do”

prayers of 3s and 7s

Posted: April 16, 2012 in alone, confusion, lonliness, me, poetry

fearful that what i’ve become
is the thing i started out as
more cleverly disguised
surrounded by the nothingness

i beg see through my craft
grip tight my flailing hands
slipping through the cracks
life i walled up and chipped away

the glass fogged slowly
refracted reflection of tomorrow
dark circled eyes and empty respiration
this cannot be me

hold fast my slippery mind
capture my sliding memory
freeze me till it passes
i didn’t end up here to end


Posted: April 14, 2012 in love, me, poetry, sex

tiny fingertip tingles
laughing licking kisses
brushes of stand up hairs
prickly lipped tastes
falling rising loved up lungs
sparkling aromatic darkness
on and on and on and off
each breath begging
a curl slid left
an eye twinkling dew
interlocking souls
carried away by passionate giggles


Posted: April 8, 2012 in destiny, facts, hope, love, poetry, sex

warm exhales against my neck
arm strewn across my abdomen
lips soft against my shoulder
i am wrapped in confident comfort
afraid to sleep
fearing movement
the dream is now
in wide eyed alertness
sealed in skin
preserved in persevering promises
held in hopeful heartfelt happiness
i am imagining this, immortal
no, it is now, near, nestled
in real time
my everyday


Posted: April 3, 2012 in destiny, hope, karma, love, me, poetry, sex

i shed myself of shackles
binding my trueness & freedom
then i ran to you
steadfast in my resting stance

you stood stoic, cold, so numb
not weak, not strong, just still
i took my beating heart out
and rubbed your soul with its warmth

you bled away pain
inhaling the life i have too much of
with arm wrapped necks we flew
to safety, sunshine, home

breathing each other alive
i saw the you past, present, now
forever golden in my mind’s eyes
forever mine, forever you

the ground met our feet
lands of tomorrows, waters of today
the breeze of fossilized forevers
what has always been, perpetuated


Posted: March 23, 2012 in destiny, facts, hope, love, me, poetry

there hangs a heart from my neck because i’ve always believed in love
though i’ve felt self-convincing
ive fought to keep the hope
then you were just there
first a friend and soul mate
then holding my hands
now your kisses burn me
chest full of fire
just below my dangling heart