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do ya?

Posted: October 9, 2012 in alone, clarity, confusion, lonliness, love, me, poetry, sex

you tell me im cute

hold my hand

curl my curls around your finger

but do you SEE me?

you say im funny

laugh at my jokes

wrinkling your nose & the corners of your eyes

but do you HEAR me?

you tell me im smart

deeply pondering my musings

sharing your reactions to my lifes journey

but do you UNDERSTAND me?

you know my middle name

you know the story behind every tattoo and scar

you can trace my curves with your eyes closed

but do you KNOW me?

if you do

SEE me



why am i invisible



and frustrated

is it because


i dont let you

or me




Posted: July 16, 2012 in me, poetry, sex

warmed butterscotch skinned thighs
slapping swishing jiggling with giggling

salty watery taffy colored lips
snapping gum telling lies that mesmerize

drummed up pulse beating blunts
huffing puffing burning motherfuckers down

slickery slippery waxy maxed out rides
rolled up rolled down creeping and peeping

tshirted starched erected or holey moley tank topped boys
curling my wiles around their summer freedoms


Posted: May 16, 2012 in alone, clarity, facts, lonliness, me, sex

my soul has memorized you in every way
with words not yet uttered lest written
each lash sigh touch tastebud inhale
and here we are
you me us
and the widening abyss
that’s whispering……….


Posted: April 21, 2012 in destiny, love, me, poetry, sex

lines so soft
gentlest curves
no borders
no wars
tone tonality
wafting white whispery
downy delicate daring
communion conforming comfortably
suggested sultry substantiated swoons
no lips
no words
no floors
no walls
no ceiling
stars twinkle in my tingly toes
sand stirring the friction of forms
firey flirty femine fumes
hearts beating til there’s only one


Posted: April 14, 2012 in love, me, poetry, sex

tiny fingertip tingles
laughing licking kisses
brushes of stand up hairs
prickly lipped tastes
falling rising loved up lungs
sparkling aromatic darkness
on and on and on and off
each breath begging
a curl slid left
an eye twinkling dew
interlocking souls
carried away by passionate giggles


Posted: April 8, 2012 in destiny, facts, hope, love, poetry, sex

warm exhales against my neck
arm strewn across my abdomen
lips soft against my shoulder
i am wrapped in confident comfort
afraid to sleep
fearing movement
the dream is now
in wide eyed alertness
sealed in skin
preserved in persevering promises
held in hopeful heartfelt happiness
i am imagining this, immortal
no, it is now, near, nestled
in real time
my everyday


Posted: April 3, 2012 in destiny, hope, karma, love, me, poetry, sex

i shed myself of shackles
binding my trueness & freedom
then i ran to you
steadfast in my resting stance

you stood stoic, cold, so numb
not weak, not strong, just still
i took my beating heart out
and rubbed your soul with its warmth

you bled away pain
inhaling the life i have too much of
with arm wrapped necks we flew
to safety, sunshine, home

breathing each other alive
i saw the you past, present, now
forever golden in my mind’s eyes
forever mine, forever you

the ground met our feet
lands of tomorrows, waters of today
the breeze of fossilized forevers
what has always been, perpetuated


Posted: January 31, 2012 in love, poetry, sex

each night
he comes to me
chartreuse aura
golden souled
slippery smooth
honey coated
coronas of sunlight
passing ship missed

the linger
smell bringer
flat pillowed memory
brushed skin tingle
two spirit mingle
never crashed
wavy lazy hazy
mind tricky imagination
cursing the exhale

Fun Facts About My Dating History

Posted: January 10, 2012 in facts, love, me, rant, sex

-Many of the guys I dated married the next girl. Think “Good Luck Chuck.” Ha! Take that Dane Cook! I did that first!

– Whenever I feel a guy & I are getting serious &  I call off my “special friends”, the relationship is dunzo in less than a week. Monogamy + honesty = dumptitude

– Three of my past serious boyfriends were born on the 21st of their month. I won’t date a guy born on the 21st anymore.

-I get in ruts with the Zodiac signs. I’ve been through: Leos, Capricorns & Gemini’s. Great sex, bad bad mojo.

– All of the guys I date remind me of my dad, brother or first cousin. Yes. I’m “that girl.” I’m sure there’s a pole out there for me somewhere.

– Some of my best long term relationships were purely sexual, but we were best friends. The lack of commitment & day to day allowed us to just have fun & enjoy each other.

– I haven’t had kids because reproducing DNA is s big deal. And I have horrible taste.

– I’ve only had an ” anniversary” with my first serious boyfriend. The best gifts I received were from boyfriends I didn’t date very long.

– Most of my boyfriends had weird relationships with their moms, and their dad was out of the picture. Sometimes it was the opposite. I’ve dated like 1 guy whose parents were together.

-I don’t date red heads. Dad is a ginger. That’s just too weird.

– My relationships last longer with guys in an analytical career. Those in trades tend to bore me. The creative types… well, when we’re done fucking & destroying each other, it’s a wrap.

– The guys I date tend to suffer from a “Homecoming King Complex.” In some way, shape, or form, they have to feel accepted & popular. This is polar to how I maneuver through life.

-The guys I’ve dated are all comfortable around kids, and actually good with them. Or making them.

-I prefer guys who REALLY know how to cook & aren’t picky eaters. I actually look down on picky eaters. I don’t want to shop in only four aisles at the grocery store. Don’t make me go back there.

– I’m rarely attracted to blondes or guys with blue eyes. Again, I’ve been in a rut with these two also.

I always wonder what I’m looking for, holding out for etc. It mainly comes down to having a guy who enriches his OWN life. I’ve done that. I’m also a blend of intellect & creativity, so unless they’re similar they don’t appreciate the existence of such a harmony. I need way less attention than I seem to. I respect somebody who tells me no more so than yes. I’ve said it before, at 37, I just want to be complimented, not completed.

I often feel bad that I have no idea how to relate to women AT ALL! I am not the one to look to for comfort. There are many situations I can handle “down to the white meat”, but when you become irrational…I’m out. Not to sound sketch…but would so many dudes be cool w me if all I did was look for validation and cry about my pussy aka my feelings?!?! NO!

This is the sane curse I’ve suffered my whole life…I’m Alpha. In all honesty,  I never give a fuck if you are as well, as that is so fleeting, and far between. My claim is not perfection, but I’d be the LAST bitch they would send to a hut every 28 days. I’m the girl that would issue “red wings”.

This is always the shit that kills me, my bitches…Why in the fuck do you decide to hate me for the same reason you love me? A man can at least love and hate me fuck me for the same reason and does not have to say a gatdam word. You think I should entertain a text that could rival a doctoral thesis…”WHY I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE A REAL FRIEND…” SCHNARF SCNARF muthafucka…you’re the reason humanity proposed the most pussified form of Feminism ever know to MAN!

Do me a favor m’kay: Get an education. Get a CAREER. Get a GULLIBLE man. MAKE him love your cat you’ve had since juniour year…Then get an IUD. We don’t need any more of your shenanigans.

Until then, I’m gonna read my comics, play w my new phone, drink beer with witty boys and listen to metal as we watch The Venture Brothers after I baked brownies in a white wife beater…braless.

Is my life chaotic? Like you bitches would know. Sometime you need to lay in the cut and receive and shut. the. fuck. up. Grab a controller…up up down down left right left right B A  start…


Posted: January 26, 2011 in alone, clarity, facts, sex

even a couple of X’s dont make an O sometimes.